Mind your Business
All in one Shareable place
Maintain your contacts in a centralized address book and automatically share it with your co-workers
Search Effortlessly
Search for, use filters, add, edit, and match existing contacts - Easy as pie. No need to exit the mobile app when you want to place a call to a contact.
Access from Anywhere
Justphonebook is available anywhere you work — in a browser, on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Yes, you can work offline as well.
Boost Productivity
Contact fragmentation is unproductive. Thankfully you can spend more time talking to your contacts and your organization productivity boosts.
security logo Security

You own your Data! We are very serious about data protection, privacy and security. We do not keep any copies of your contact lists and if you delete the app, your data leave with you.

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Get started for free or upgrade for advanced features
Start using it in a few minutes
Smart import helps you initialize your address book and share it with a couple of clicks to co-workers. Sign up with your work email now, and who knows, maybe your organization already has an address book in Justphonebook and you will get immediate access.
Create organizations
Group contacts by organization
Categorize and relate contacts to organizations, edit or manage existing or orphan contacts and keep everyone on the same page.
Communicate campaigns to customers
Segment customers into marketing lists, design and send your email or SMS campaigns via our friendly web interface.
How it works
Upcoming features
Sync with external systems
(Exchange, SharePoint, CRM, PBX)
Scan business cards
Add reminder to call someone
Create lists of contacts
Design & send email/sms campaigns
Keep private (or not) notes for contacts
Store Badges